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Although they may not be practical for the beginner cook, tomatoes that are fresh, particularly when completely ripe
add exceptional flavor to the sauce
. Several varieties of tomatoes can be very watery and require a good deal of cooking time to breakdown. Regularly supplying more consistent results, a top-notch processed tomato product can perform equally as well. food and cooking 1174015
Minced garlic and finely chopped onion are sautéed in cooking oil
and then combined with the chopped tomatoes, oregano, basil and salt
. Before the mixture can be spread over the top of your ready-made pizza dough it should simmer for approximately a half hour and then be blended until smooth in a blender.
Taking Store Bought Sauce to a New Level
Many varieties of pasta and pizza sauce
can be found in the grocery store and deliver a quality alternative for a homemade sauce. Available in a wide variety of flavors, these flavorful sauces can be
 employed as a base for creating a unique pizza sauce. By introducing a couple of fresh ingredients for example 
, minced garlic ,basil, oregano
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and red pepper
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, these ready-made sauces provide a great starting point. In order to blend the flavors
 the mixture should be simmered with the additional ingredients for a little while. These prepackaged products can be improved for flavor or substituted for when required.
Non-Traditional Pizza Sauces
Using a non-tomato style sauce such as Alfredo or pesto has become a new trend in gourmet pizzas.
 Pesto sauces 
are made from minced basil, olive oil, minced garlic and pine nuts and can be created from scratched or procured as a ready-made, fresh variety or bottled sauce. The smooth white Alfredo sauce delivers a satisfying and lush pizza with toppings such as mushrooms, Italian sausage, or grilled chicken. Typically flavored with garlic, Romano cheese and herbs such as oregano, rosemary, or thyme, Alfredo sauce has a milk or creamScience Articles, flour and butter base.
It will be with us and described for new action pizza sauce


1. Three cloves of garlic
tg (3)
2. A tablespoon of olive oil
tg (4)
 Five cups of tomato juice3
tg (5)
.Tablespoon oregano
tg (6)
 Tablespoon basil
tg (7)
Teaspoon of black pepper
tg (8)
.Teaspoon salt
tg (9)
.Tablespoon brown sugar
tg (10)

? How to prepare


 Keep oil in a medium bowl and put the fire inside the minced garlic and toss until it is

stepping up the smell of garlic

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Add the tomato juice and toss until it condenses bit textures

tg (12)

Add all the spices, brown sugar and toss until mixed ingredients and continue stirring until it condenses more textures and after five minutes of the call of the fire and Enabih

and we put it in the refrigerator

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