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2 يوليو, 2016 5:28 م nada adel
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Hello Welcome Dear visitors to our site fatakat will offer you many cooks the American, French, Italian, Egyptian and Lebanese and Moroccan and all the cuisine of Arabic, European and come me  learn way to prepare every cuisine and  step by step Hey ladies Now you learn with some way Tjder devoured a very quick and simple and we all would love to eat a lot in our homes and also in restaurants

  • ” French fries “

    ” The amounts of fried potatoes “

    is (88) 


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    2- oil 

    is (90) 

    3- spices 

    “How to prepare French fries”

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    Cooks easy and simple from our fatakat  Arabs

    1- First Ladies will attend a kilo of potatoes like what you onlookers top of the image

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    Cooks easy and simple from our fatakat  Arabs

    Second, we will prepare the potatoes and wash it thoroughly with water Kei get rid of all the dust Sticking  out and make sure cleanliness Like what you onlookers photo

    is (84)

    Cooks easy and simple from our fatakat  Arabs

    Third, the external layer of potatoes will guest using Nirvana until it becomes acute form the image as it is displayed in front of you dear

    is (86)

    Cooks easy and simple from our fatakat  Arabs

    Fourth, we will bring a sharp knife and cut the potato slices we start and then we cut it off in the form of very thin slices of this form shown in the picture

    is (81) 

    Cooks easy and simple from our fatakat  Arabs 

    Fifth, we will wash the potato slices with water well and to make sure they are clean before you as a visible image 

    is (82) 

    Cooks easy and simple from our fatakat  Arabs  

    Sixth: We prepare the oil and put on the fire to make sure high well heated and becomes a boiling oil as it appears in front of you image 

    is (79) 

    Cooks easy and simple from our fatakat  Arabs  

    Seventh: We put potatoes in boiling oil on the fire and we move it  well until cooked as you saw before you image 

    is (76) 

    Cooks easy and simple from our fatakat  Arabs  

    Eighth: After we make sure we bring the maturity of potatoes hanging on a network and get out for its potatoes from the oil and Bust oil well of them as you saw the picture 

    is (77) 

    Cooks easy and simple from our fatakat  Arabs  

    Ninth: and when we go out potatoes from the oil will give us this result potato fried crispy golden color as the picture shows 

    is (83) 

    Cooks easy and simple from our fatakat  Arabs   

    Tenth: and then we bring an empty pot and put it to the potatoes we provided is good for our guests and also add it some spices such as salt, pepper, cumin and some spices 

    Hard-and have finished the preparation of the tastiest crispy French Fries loved all People family and we have provided to you in a very easy and simple and very Lord be gained Ladies like it beautiful and you will be benefited from the chef  fatakat

    I was with you: Nada Adel 

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